Full Membership initial Member (1 year)

Join the Wasatch Men and boys of Leather as a full member with all voting rights and priveledges. Annual membership is $25 with a first year membership fee of $50. With membership you will have all voting rights as a club member, receive special discounts to club events, a Back patch for your club...

Associate Member intial Membership (1 year)

Associate members are members who are affiliate members of the Wasatch Men and boys of Leather, but do not hold voting rights within the club. Associate membership is $25 per year with a $50 application fee. Associate members receive special discounts for club events, a back patch for their bar...

Back Patch

Need a new vest patch? Not a problem! Only available to Full and Associate members. Cost of each patch is $50

Friendship Pins

You can never have too many friends. Friendship pins are a way for club members to honor their Brothers and Sisters who have shown their commitment to the club and provide their support to our group. Pinning a club friend is a great honor and not one to be taken lightly. Pinned friends are...

Club Bumper Stickers

Show your support of the Wasatch Men and boys of Leather with the official club logo on this durable vinyl sticker. Available to club members at $1 each or to any non-club member at $2 each