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The mission of the Wasatch Men and boys of Leather is to provide those interested in leather a safe forum  to socialize, learn, educate, have fun, and support each other in the community.


Wasatch Men and boys of Leather Bylaws    

Article I
Name and Seal
Section 1
The organization shall be known as “Wasatch Men and boys of Leather”
Section 2
The Seal and colors of the Wasatch Men and boys of Leather shall be a rectangle with a silhouette of a mountain and the Salt Lake City cityscape outlined in front of a field of half black blue and white, half green black and white with a single red heart unifying the two. The colors of the club shall refer to any graphical representation of the club or logo on any article of clothing, flag or banner.
Section 3
Ownership , copyright and trademark of the name, logo and colors of the Wasatch Men and boys of Leather are the sole property of the organization. Use of said property is governed by these by-laws.
Article II
Mission and Purpose
Section 1
The mission of the Wasatch Men and boys of Leather is to provide those interested in leather a safe forum  to socialize, learn, educate, have fun, and support each other in the community.
Section 2
The Wasatch Men and boys of Leather are a brotherhood of self-identified LeatherMen and leatherboys. LeatherMen and leatherboy being defined as broadly as possible so as not to discriminate based on age, race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or appearance. The purpose of the club is to gather in brotherhood, and in boyhood, supporting our members and community with respect and integrity.
Article III
Section 1
No full member shall be under the age of twenty-one (21) years of age. No Associate member or pledge may be under the age of eighteen (18) years of age unless otherwise regulated by local, state, or federal statute.
Section 2
Categories of membership shall be defined thusly:
  1. Applicant - any individual who identifies as a LeatherMan or leatherboy may apply to the brotherhood by completing a membership application. Applicant must be sponsored by at least one (1) Brother, alumnus or life brother or have no fewer than three (3) character references from members of the community.
  2. Probationary Member (Pledge) - Applicants may be admitted into pledge status by the approval of a simple majority of brothers in good standing present at any business meeting. Probationary members must:
    1. subscribe to the mission and purpose of the club
    2. attend and participate in no less than fifty (50) percent of all designated functions during their probationary period
    3. attend and participate in all educational meetings called by the Alphas of the club or assigned designee unless excused in advance
The Probationary period shall be no less than three (3) months. The brotherhood may rescind probationary status at any time by a simple majority vote of brothers in good standing in attendance of any business meeting
Probationary members may petition the Membership Committee to become brothers at the successful completion of their probationary period. Upon petition, the Sargent-at-Arms may extend an invitation to become a brother to the probationary member with the approval of a simple majority of all brothers in good standing in attendance of any business meeting.
  1. Brother
The Brother represents the heart of the organization. Each brother holds all of the rights and responsibilities of membership, including the right or responsibility to:
    1. display and respect club colors
    2. attend a majority of designated functions
    3. embody the spirit of the club at community events
    4. recruit and select members
    5. serve as and elect club officers
    6. chair and serve on committees
    7. attend meetings and events closed to non-brothers
    8. attend all business meetings called by the Alphas of the club
    9. vote on club business
    10. pay dues
Brothers must remain in good standing in order to enjoy these rights.
Brothers who cannot fulfill these responsibilities may elect to become associate brothers. Should any said brother petition for reinstatement, said member will be reinstated as a brother after ninety (90) days with a simple majority vote of all brothers in good standing in attendance of any business meeting.
  1. Associate Brother
The Associate brother is any individual over the age of eighteen (18) who is approved by a simple majority of brothers in good standing in attendance of any business meeting. An associate brother, is in essence, a friend and supporter of the club  and must attend at least one (1) designated function of the club annually.  Associate brothers hold the following rights to:
1) display and respect club colors
2) attend a majority of designated functions
3) embody the spirit of the club at community events
    1. recruit and select members
    2. pay club dues
  1. Alumni Brothers
Brothers who remain in good standing for no less than five (5) years may elect to become alumnus members. Alumnus brothers retain all rights and responsibilities as full brothers, excepting the right to serve as and elect club officers, and the right to vote on club business. Alumnus brothers are expected to remain active and attend no fewer than (1) designated club function annually.
  1. Life Brothers
Brothers who have remained members in good standing for no fewer than ten (10) years and have served no fewer than two (2) terms as an officer, my be selected by the brotherhood for Life Brotherhood. Life Brotherhood recognizes those members who's longevity, participation brotherhood and dedication have been instrumental to the history of the club. Any brother in good standing may nominate a brother for said honor and present said honor-ship at the annual club meeting. Life Brothers may only be selected at the annual meeting and must be selected by a voting majority of two-thirds (2/3) of brothers in good standing at the annual meeting.
Life Brothers are entitled to all rights and responsibilities of full brothers, however they are exempt from paying dues.
  1. Honorary brotherhood
Honorary brotherhood may be extended to any member of the community who has supported the clubs mission and purpose. The club may extend no more than one (1) honorary membership annually. Honorary members are nominated by the Club leadership on the advice of any brother in good standing. Honorary members must be selected by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of all brothers in good standing at the annual meeting. Honorary members are entitled to:
    1. display and respect club colors
    2. recruit members
    3. serve on committees
    4. attend meetings and events closed to non-brothers
Honorary members are exempt from paying club dues in recognition of their service to the club and community.
  1. Brothers-In-Spirit
All members in good standing, regardless of their class of membership, at their time of death, may be made Brothers-InSpirit. Their names shall be carried on the roster by the scribe and shall be honored by the Wasatch Men and boys of Leather as they see fit.
  1. Founding Membership
Founding memberships are restricted to the initial brothers of the corporation as listed in article V of the initial articles of Incorporation of Wasatch Men and boys of Leather, Inc. filed with the Secretary of State of Utah. Founding Members wear a “founder” patch as designated by the Executive Committee.
Section 3.
A Member is considered in “good standing” if that member has :
    1. paid all dues and fees owed the club within sixty (60) days of notification
    2. attended sufficient club function per their membership category
Additionally the brothers may not miss more than two (2) consecutive business meetings without receiving an exemption from the Sargent-at-Arms.
Section 4.
A brother may have his membership revoked at any time regardless of membership class by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of brothers in good standing in attendance of any business meeting. 
Grievances must be presented to the Sargent-at-Arms within thirty (30) days of the grievance in writing. The Sargent-at-Arms will then notify the member in question within seven (7) days, at which point the member in question has thirty (30) days to appear before the membership committee to rebut the accusation. The membership committee will then vote by a two-thirds (2/3) majority weather or not to send the issue to the full membership for vote. 
Should the member not appear before the Membership Committee, the vote will automatically go before the full membership at the next business meeting.
Additionally, membership may be revoked from any member who fails to settle club dues or fees within sixty (60) days of notification from the club.
Section 5
The Wasatch Men and boys of Leather does not discriminate in the selection of members and the attendance of function based upon race, creed, age, religion, gender, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation, or by any other class as protected by local, state or federal law.
Article IV
Section 1
The Wasatch Men and boys of Leather shall meet for the purpose of doing business at least once per year. The Club Leadership shall notify the brotherhood no less than thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting. The Club Leadership may also call additional meetings for the purpose of conducting business at any time with at least seven (7) days prior notice to the membership.
Section 2
The Executive Board Shall Consist of the President, Vice-President, scribe, treasurer, and Sargent-At-Arms. No officer may hold more than one elected office at a time.
The President shall be a member in good standing for no fewer than one (1) year prior to the start of their term. All other officers must be brothers in good standing for at least six (6) months prior to the start of their terms.
All terms end on the last day of January of each year. If the Annual Meeting has Not been called, officer terms will automatically extend until such meeting may be held. No member shall serve in the same office for more than three (3) consecutive terms.
Section 3
Nominations for office shall be open to the brothers for not less than one month prior to the annual meeting. The President must close nominations prior to the start of the election of officers during the annual meeting. A member may be nominated for more than one office, and may nominate his or herself. Each nomination requires a second to be put on the ballot.
All officers of the organization shall be elected annually by the membership at the annual meeting. Voting shall be be secret ballot, and each brother in good standing is permitted one vote per office. Any member in good standing who cannot attend may designate a proxy vote in writing to the Scribe in advance of the meeting. The Scribe will also hold the responsibility of tallying the votes.
The Election shall start by selecting a President. If no candidate for President receives a simple majority in the first round of voting, the top two candidates will face each other in a second round vote. In the case of a three-way-tie, all three tied candidates will proceed to the second round of voting. If after the second round of voting, there is still a tie, the executive board will select the President-elect.
After the selection of a President-elect, the officers will continue to be selected in the following order: Vice President, Scribe, Treasurer and Sargent-at-Arms. The member with the most votes for each of these offices will be elected. In the case of a tie, the President-elect will cast the deciding vote.
Each Office shall be tallied individually so that a person elected to one office may be removed from running from subsequent offices.
Section 4
The President shall convene the Executive Board at least once within sixty (60) days following the annual meeting, and at other times as necessary. The Executive Board may adopt such rules and regulations for the conduct of their meetings and the management of the organization as they deem proper, so long as they are not inconsistent with these by-laws, the laws of the State of Utah, or federal law.
All members in good standing may attend Executive board meetings. For executive meetings, a quorum of at least three (3) members of the executive board must be present. If a quorum is not present, those present must adjourn the meeting until a quorum is present.
Whenever by statue or the provisions of these by-laws, the Executive Board is authorized to take any action after notice, such notice may be waived, in writing, before the holding of the meeting by persons entitled to such notice.
Section 5
Vacancies on the Executive Board between annual meetings shall be filled by an appointee of the executive board until a special election can be held under the provisions of Article IV Section 3 no later than sixty (60) days after the vacancy. Should the position of President become vacant, the Vice President shall assume such responsibilities until the special election can be held.
Section 6
The membership may remove any officer for due cause. To impeach an officer, any member in good standing  may petition the executive board outlining the reasons for removal. The President will notify the officer of the petition within seven (7) days. The Officer then has thirty (30) days to appear before the Board and plead their case. The remaining officers must impeach the  officer in question by a vote of three (3) out of four (4). The President must then call a special meeting of the brothers within thirty (30) days , giving at least fourteen (14) days notice. At that meeting, the officer will be removed should two-thirds (2/3) of all members in good standing present find just cause.
Section 7 
The Officers of the Executive board shall have control and general management of the affairs and business of the club.
The Executive board will, by simple majority vote, designate all required and optional club functions.
Section 8
Duties of officers shall be outlined as such:
The president shall call regular and special meetings of the members and of the Executive board, in accordance with these by-laws and shall chair such meetings. The President shall set the agenda for all meetings. 
The President shall represent the club for all external meetings, committees and functions where the presence of the club is requested or required; but may, with the consent of the Executive board, designate other members as the representative
The President shall ensure books, reports, and statements as required by statute are properly made, kept and filed according to law. As the annual meeting, the President shall present a report of the club’s standing.
The President, with the consent of the Executive Board, shall make any contracts and agreements on behalf of the club.
Vice President
The Vice President shall serve in the absence or incapacity of the President and exercise their official duties and responsibilities outlined by these by-laws.
The Vice President shall serve as chairperson of all internal committees formed by the Executive board, unless another member is designated.
The Vice President shall be responsible for the development and maintenance of the inventory of club property not related to membership materials.
The Scribe shall keep minutes of all club business meetings and of the Executive Board meetings. The Scribe shall distribute minutes of all meetings to club members within thirty (30) days of the close of the meeting. The Scribe shall also provide club members with copies of any meeting agenda prior to said meeting.
The Scribe shall maintain a roster of all members. The Scribe will keep a record of attendance at all club events, and will work in conjunction of the Sargent-at-Arms in maintaining the “good standing” roster.
The Secretary shall send and receive all correspondence on behalf of the club.
The treasurer shall maintain and develop the budget, and shall provide, at any member’s request, an accounting of all or part of said budget.
The treasurer shall maintain all financial records, and prepare reports as required by the Executive board or by law. The treasurer shall present annually, and accounting of the prior year’s finances to the membership.
The treasurer shall assess dues and other financial obligations authorized by the Executive Board and the members, and shall collect said assessments. The treasurer will provide the scribe and Sargent-at-Arms monthly, a list of members whose balances are more than thirty (30) days past-due.
The Sargent-at-Arms shall maintain rule and order at all meetings of the club. 
The Sargent-at-arms shall chair the Membership Committee and shall serve as the single point of contact for prospective and probationary members.
The Sargent at Arms shall work with the Scribe in maintaining a “good standing” role
The Sargent-At-Arms shall develop and organize educational events for prospective and probationary members
The Sargent-At-Arms shall receive all applications for membership on behalf of the club
Should the office of Sargent-At-Arms be left vacant for any reason, the Executive board shall appoint a member to execute said duties.
Section 9
No compensation for services shall be paid to any of the officers of the organization.
Section 10
The following standing committees shall be put in place:
    1. Membership Committee
The Membership Committee shall consist of the Vice President, Sargent-at-arms and up to three (3) members designated by the Executive Board, and shall be chaired by the Sargent-At-Arms
The membership committee shall organize recruiting events to increase and retain the membership of the club. The Membership Committee will also create and maintain marketing materials for the community in the interest of educating prospective members and the community as a whole.
The membership committee shall review all applications for membership and make recommendations to the brotherhood based on said applications.
The Membership committee shall also be responsible for the orientation of all new members and shall develop and maintain an Executive Board approved member handbook to be distributed to all new members of the club.
    1. Budget Committee
  The Budget committee shall consist of the Vice President, Treasurer and up to three appointed members of the organization and shall be chaired by the treasurer.
The budget committee will be responsible in helping to prepare and execute the club budget. 
The budget committee will also be responsible for the planning and execution of the club’s 4 annual events.
    1. Ad-Hoc committees
At the discretion of the Executive Board, Ad-Hoc committees may be formed for the execution of club business and delegate the powers to said committees.
Article V
Budget and Fiscal Year
Section 1
The fiscal year shall Run February 1 through January 31 of the following year. The executive board shall submit an annual budget to the membership for approval prior to the start of the fiscal year to be voted on at the Annual meeting.
Section 2
Any member who holds responsibility over a portion of the budget, may, at their discretion, spend that appropriation in good faith, with no further approval from the club or the Executive Board
Section 3
All bills payable, notes, checks, drafts and other paper negotiable instruments of the Wasatch Men and boys of Leather shall be made in the name of the organization. Any draft for more than fifty ($50) US Dollars shall be approved by the Executive Board.
Section 4
The Executive Board may decide to establish a secondary account to which debit cards and other forms of electronic funds transfer (EFT) may be Attached. After a passing of the annual budget, the Treasurer may transfer up to, but not exceeding, twenty-five (25) percent of the Annually budgeted funds into said account at the beginning of each fiscal quarter. Should the Executive Board endeavor to spend more than twenty-five (25) percent of the annual budget in one quarter, it may authorize the treasurer to transfer additional funds into the account provided the expenditures have been previously apportioned by the annual budget.
Section 5
The officers are empowered to spend their apportioned amount of money approved in the annual budget, up to the budgeted amount. Should the officer spend more than was budgeted, they shall be responsible for paying the difference in expense to the club unless otherwise authorized by the executive board.
All Officers are expected to maintain record and receipt of all financial transactions on behalf of the club and shall submit a record of these expenses for reimbursement by the  fifteenth (15) of each month. The treasurer is also authorized to, by EFT, pay all bills for which the club has been properly invoiced and for which the budget accounts.
Prior to an officer’s departure from office, they shall reconcile all accounts within ninety (90) days with the incoming treasurer. Any expense that cannot be accounted for, the officer will be held accountable for unless otherwise directed by the Executive Board-Elect.
Additionally, all Officers must reconcile accounts within ninety (90) days of the close of the fiscal year and will be accountable for any expense that exceeds the budget unless otherwise directed by the provisions of these by-laws.
Section 6
No officer, or agent of the Wasatch Men and boys of Leather, either singly, or jointly with others, shall have the power to make any bills payable, notes, checks drafts, or other negotiable instruments or cause to be contracted any debt or liability in the name of, or on behalf of the organization, except as herein expressly prescribed and provided.
Section 7
The Executive Board or the Club in committee-of-the-whole may, without cause withhold the privileges in this article from and Member of the Executive Board at any time.
Article VI
Ratification and Amendments
Section 1
The ratification of a simple majority of all members with Active Membership as of September 1, 2011 shall be sufficient for establishment of these by-laws
Upon Ratification, these by-laws shall supersede and and all previously written by-laws of this organization. The President shall cause the club to be in compliance with all provisions of these by-laws within ninety (90) days; except that the ratification of these by-laws shall not cause current officers to be removed from office, discharged from their duties or change the expiration date of their terms.
Section 2
Any member in good standing may propose amendments to these by-laws at any time. Amendments must be submitted in writing thirty (30) days prior to the next business meeting. The Executive Board shall review all proposals received no later than thirty (30) days prior to the next general meeting.
All proposed amendments that receive approval of Simple Majority of the Executive Board shall be submitted to the full membership in writing for a vote at the next business meeting. Notice shall be issued no later than fourteen (14) days prior to said meeting. The members will cause these by-laws to be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of all brothers in good standing.
Should Wasatch Men and boys of Leather be required by law to amend these by-laws, the President may call a special meeting to cause these by-laws to be amended by the procedure outlined above.
Article VII
Upon dissolution of the Wasatch Men and boys of Leather, the Executive Board shall, after paying or making provision for the payment of all the debts and liabilities of the organization, dispose of the assets of the organization exclusively for the purpose of the organization in such manner, or to organizations maintained and operated for charitable, educational, or scientific purposes as shall at the time qualify as an exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) and or section 501(c)(7) of the Internal revenue Service code or the corresponding future amendments thereto, as the Executive Board shall determine at a special meeting of all members duly called for the purpose.
Article VIII
General Provisions
Section 1
The Wasatch Men and boys of Leather is a not for profit organization and may apply for that status as outlined in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code.
Section 2
Whenever these by-laws fail to provide guidance to the President or Executive board, on how to act, the Sargent-At-Arms shall look to Robert’s Rules of Order for guidance

Club Officers

Sir Creig

WaMboL President


boy darin

WaMboL Vice President


Sir Jeff

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WaMboL Treasurer


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Sargent at Arms