Rocky Mountain Olympus Leather

03/17/2013 22:48

Classes will begin Friday Afternoon with a Social to meet the contestants and judges at 7:00 PM at Club Try-angles (251 W 9th S, Salt Lake City, UT) Then at 9:00 PM there will be a play party to see what this years contestants have got. Tickets will be available at the social.

Then Saturday, while the contestents are meeting with the judges, classes and vendor fair will continue. Then we all meet up at the Paper Moon at 6:00 PM (3737 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT) for the RMOL contest. There will be Basket Auctions, Fantasy Scenes and plenty of debauchery as we select our new titleholders. Afterwards, join in the celebration at another Play Party beginning at 9:00 PM. Again, tickets will be available at the contest.

For more information and detailed schedule of the events and classes,