Inagural Boy Auction

05/01/2012 00:00

Hey Leather and gear kinksters. I am so excited to announce our first annual Boy Auction will be held at Club Try-angles on June 1st, to help raise funds for our Utah titleholders to head to San Francisco to compete in the 2012 International LeatherSIR and boy contest.

The event will begin at 8:00 PM with bidder and boy registration. Boys volunteering to be auctioned are asked to be able to commit to the night of the event and at least an hour on either saturday or sunday with their winning bidder at the Pride Festival. I want to emphasize you are NOT obligated to have any type of sexual contact with your winning bidder. You are merely arm candy and we don't want you to put yourself into any type of uncomfortable or unsafe situation at all. That said, what you do with your winning bidder is up to you.

Here is how it will work: boys or Sirs can pre-register as a volunteer Auction Block item by emailing me with the following information

A Good face picture (Gear pic preferred but not required)
Your Legal Name
Your Stage name if you have one or want one
Phone number or email address (For club officers to contact you only)
Some kink interests
A brief bio or some fun facts about you
Anything else that you think can win you the highest bids

We would like to post your picture and bio, and Stage name on this website if you are comfortable with that so that people can start saving up for their favorite boy.

On the night of the event, we will have each boy sign an agreement that basically states that you are doing this on your own free will and it's to raise funds for a non-profit and in no way is a contract for sexual activity or ownership. Bidders will sign a similar agreement.

Bidders will be able to buy "boy bucks" for use of "buying" their boys. We cannot take cash bids for the auction. Bidders will need to purchase "boy bucks" from the Auction registration table.

Then we will encourage our boys to mingle with the club guests, other boys and sirs etc, and then at 11:00 We will be opening up the auction block. Each boy will be introduced and shown off for bidders to fight over. We encourage all boys to wear whatever gear they feel will get them the highest dollar. All boys must comply with Utah law when it comes to dressing for this event. (Butt crakes covered, no cock hanging out etc, email me if you have questions about what's appropriate or not.) I will tell you that from some events we have seen in the past of this nature, the boys tend to like to undress a little as the bidding goes on to reveal a harness or rubber tank etc. Have some fun with this but keep it appropriate. The club has been so good to us and we want to be able to continue having fun events like this.

Once a boy has been auctioned, they will meet their winning bidder at the Auction Registration table where the bidder will hand over their boy bucks. I emphasize again, we CANNOT and WILL NOT accept cash bids. Please make sure you have adequate "boy bucks" on hand before completing your purchase. We ask that boys then spend the remainder of the evening at the bar with their winning bidder and we encourage the boys to arrange to spend an hour or so with their winning bidder at either the Pride Festival on Saturday or the Sunday Parade.

If you aren't able or feel uncomfortable being "sold" at auction, that's fine we can still use your help. We will need some volunteers to help with the running of the auction manning the check-in etc so please please let me know if you want to help and we will find a place for you. We are also going to need everyone's help getting the word out about this event. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Rocky Mountain LeatherSIR/boy and Community bootblack travel fund.

I am so excited for this event and hope to see all of you there. Please let boy darin or myself know if you have any questions and lets make this a great event for all.

Brothers always
2012 Rocky Mountain LeatherSIR