Formal Announcement of Rocky Mountain LeatherSIR/boy and Community Bootblack 2012

10/08/2011 00:00

Congratulations to the new RMLSb/CBB 2012 Titleholders
Rocky Mountain LeatherSIR - Sir Creig
Rocky Mountain Leatherboy - boy Darin
Rocky Mountain Community Bootblack - Jareth

New Producer, Brian Conway. is proud to announce the Rocky Mountain Leather Sir/boy contest. The Leather Sir/boy contest grew out of the now defunct International Mr. Drummer & Drummer boy contests started decades ago before by Drummer Magazine in San Francisco, CA.These contests began then and remain today a celebration of male leather sex and leather sex play. The primary goal of the contest winners and of the titles themselves is education, networking, and outreach expressing the eroticism, traditions, and history of gay leathermen worldwide.

The Leather Sir/boy contest is open to gay leathermen and leather boys living in the Rocky Mountain Region of the U.S. (Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming). The contest categories include a judged interview, formal speech, physique (expressed by contestants in jock straps), and performance of a leather sex fantasy. Contestants may be sponsored by a club, business, individual or may be self sponsored, but all contestants must agree to the list of specific contestant qualifications. 

As part of the leather weekend we will also host a competition for Community Bootblack. Unlike the Leather Sir/boy contest, Community Bootblack is open to any person of any gender identity. Bootblacks will be judged on interview, formal speech, technical bootblacking/shine abilities, and interpersonal skills/observation. This contest also focuses on the sexual aspects of the exchange between the bootblack and the customer. 

The winners of both the Leather Sir/boy contest and the Community Bootblack contest will be obligated to compete at the International Leather Sir/boy/CBB competition the following year. The international contest will follow the same judging criteria as the regional contests except at the International contest, each region will receive a specific theme around which to build their “fantasy” for the fantasy aspect of the competition. There are 16 separate regions in the U.S. Regional winners must also appear back at the regional contest the following year to present the title to the next year’s winners. Titleholders will be expected to serve as ambassadors for their region and are expected to travel to other leather events around the world to promote the leather philosophy and lifestyle as well as to reach out to those who are curious or new to the scene to provide for them a conduit into the community. 

It is with great honor that we introduce to Denver and the Rockies the Rocky Mountain Leather Sir/boy contest and the Community Bootblack Contest. We encourage you to get in on all the fun by attending, and for those of you who are interested and meet the entry criteria, we encourage you to compete! 
Rocky Mountain LeatherSIR and Leatherboy serve as ambassadors: for their region; for their LeatherSIR / Leatherboy family; and, when travelling abroad, for their leather community. Titleholders are encouraged to attend leather and gay community events in the region; promote the LeatherSIR / Leatherboy / Community Boot Black contests and philosophy; and to reach out to those who are interested or curious about the leather/fetish community, and our history and traditions."